Build a Thriving Workplace

Create a More Connected, Inclusive and Productive Work Experience

WorkHaven provides the tools needed to excel in today’s most demanding and diverse work environments

We envision a world in which work is an integral part of a healthy and meaningful life experience

What We Deliver

Our deliverables include greater work achievement, better quality of work life, and greater resilience through stress and adversity. We help you spend more time thriving: functioning at your best and meaningfully engaged. With WorkHaven, people achieve, people stay, and people grow.

We partner with you to pursue excellence as you tackle some of the greatest challenges in social justice, health care, and across a diverse range of mission-driven, for-profit professions.

Why Choose WorkHaven?

Our consulting teams are lead by clinical psychologists who specialize in helping people thrive in high-demand workplaces exposed to extreme stress, including direct and indirect exposure to potentially traumatic events.*

Be Excellent with WorkHaven