Our consulting team includes clinical psychologists* specializing in helping people thrive in high-demand workplaces exposed to extreme stress, including direct and indirect exposure to potentially traumatic events.

Our Origin Story

When leaders at a New York City non-profit legal service organization needed guidance to help their staff members thrive in their high-stress work environment, they reached out to our founder — psychologist Dr. Mark Evces. An experienced clinician, supervisor, and teacher, Mark believed in the mission of the organization and wanted to help. This initial work forged a real partnership, and the organization’s leaders continued to turn to him for advice and eventually for help with on-site services to help employees thrive and grow in a demanding nonprofit environment. Other legal service organizations soon learned about the work Mark and the WorkHaven team of consultants were doing there, leading us across three states and multiple countries to work with an increasingly diverse group of client organizations and leaders.  

Where We Are Today

As we continue to grow, we are expanding and diversifying our consulting services to professionals to include healthcare, media and first responder organizations. We offer educational and work groups on-site to help employees succeed, grow and cope with the difficult work they do. We partner with leaders to help them monitor and get ahead of external (e.g. industry) and internal (e.g. staffing) changes, make plans for growth, problem-solve around interpersonal challenges with staff, and develop new leaders. Every organization has unique challenges, so we tailor our work to meet those very specific needs. Our consultants have expertise in a wide array of areas, including trauma, high-achieving talent and leadership, interpersonal attachment, mental health and substance issues, in addition to our doctoral level qualifications in general and clinical psychology.