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Emily Brackman, PhD

Dr. Brackman is a organizational consultant and clinical psychologist with a background in the clinical assessment and treatment of traumatic experiences across diverse populations. Her work focuses primarily on the interplay between trauma and human relationships. Dr. Brackman has designed and disseminated trauma-focused educational materials on complex PTSD and provided educational workshops on trauma and suicide risk assessment to doctoral students and fellows.

Dr. Brackman uses her expertise in trauma-focused clinical approaches to enhance the development of sustainable skills for effective interpersonal communication, team conflict resolution, and appropriate self-advocacy and boundary-setting in workplace relationships. She is passionate about promoting healing and resilience in the wake of violence, sudden loss, disaster, and other acute and chronic traumatic experiences that negatively impact group dynamics and interpersonal relationships.

She received her PhD in Clinical Psychology from Fordham University and completed her predoctoral internship at the VA-NY Harbor Healthcare System in Manhattan, followed by a postdoctoral fellowship at NYU Langone Health’s Steven A. Cohen Military Family Center. Outside of her consultation work, Dr. Brackman provides individual, group, and couples therapy to patients in private practice in New York.


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