Be excellent. WorkHaven offers multiple approaches to improving outcomes and optimizing workplace culture.

Workplace Assessment

We use qualitative and quantitative assessment tools to help you evaluate your organization’s needs and areas for growth, powered by the expertise in WorkHaven’s Professional Wellness and Resilience, Leadership Development, and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Programs. Assessments are tailored to your needs so that every project’s impact is optimized and closely understood. Whether it’s workplace culture, leadership effectiveness, team dynamics, or a general assessment of your organizations’ strengths and challenges, we can tailor an assessment to your specific needs.

Professional Wellness and Resilience

We help you create a healthier, more resilient workplace in which people thrive and grow, attracting and retaining the high achieving professionals your organization needs to achieve and maintain excellence. Our Professional Wellness and Resilience Program includes workshops, webinars, one-on-one resilience coaching, and our WorkHaven Resilience Groups. Resilience Groups create an intentional space in the workplace for fostering wellness, resilience and excellence. Members work with a WorkHaven facilitator to increase self-awareness, identify and strategize how and when to use self-care skills, foster meaningful connections with professional and personal supports, and gain knowledge on the now well-established effects of working in conditions of high work demands and expectations.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

We provide assessment, workshops, webinars and on-site groups to help you ensure your workplace is moving towards the equitable, psychologically safe and inclusive environment necessary to attract, retain and celebrate the success of high achieving professionals. We won’t drop off a list of boiler plate recommendations. Instead, we’ll partner with you to tailor a DEI program that meets your specific needs, knowing those needs will shift over time as you achieve a more inclusive workplace. Our DEI Program is led by a national leader in organizational design and implementation of effective DEI leadership and organizational change.

Executive Leadership Development

Effective senior executives know the value of developing talent to make sure that the success of their organization is not left to chance. Our comprehensive leadership development service includes 360-degree leadership assessment, with results benchmarked across a wide range of organizations and industries based on a sample of 3,400 senior-level executives and 35,000 others (bosses, peers, direct reports). Our feedback report provides an in-depth perspective on relative strengths and weaknesses as perceived by both the person being assessed and the responding raters. We follow the assessment phase with comprehensive executive coaching to ensure assessment results are used to optimize leadership effectiveness. Our Executive Leadership Development Program is led by a clinical psychologist* with over 20 years of assessment experience.


Our consultants can design, create and serve as facilitators of work retreats and workshops as your organization evolves. For example, conducting surveys of professionals to determine reception of a cultural or workflow shift. Through surveys, multiperspective interviews and other methods we can help you plan for overcoming obstacles, and shift your strategy to meet the needs and desires of your organization’s professionals. We can also help you identify pockets of expertise among professionals that may be underutilized.

Management and Supervisor Development

We offer assessment, coaching, webinars, workshops and retreats for managers and supervisors, including such topics as managing through change, getting the most out of teams, coping with vicarious trauma and emotion regulation, and managing challenging interpersonal relationships (e.g. supervisees) in the workplace. We provide ongoing, one-on-one advice to leaders and managers who are struggling with issues inherent to their industry or their particular line of work. Our experience and training working with individuals, teams and organizations allows us to tailor our interventions to a non-profit or business environment.