We Build and Sustain Thriving Workplaces

The WorkHaven Sustainable Change Process leverages qualitative and quantitative assessment tools as part of ongoing dialogue with you, delivering outcomes that exceed your expectations.

WorkHaven Sustainable Change Process

Our WorkHaven Sustainable Change Process ensures we understand where you want to go and exactly how to get there. Through Collaborative Discovery, we assess and benchmark you and your organization against thousands of others. Quantitative and qualitative data analysis gives you a multi-dimensional view of your organization. We provide data collection and analysis tools to deliver evidence-based, sustainable solutions specific to your concerns and aspirations. Our methodology provides a roadmap for successfully addressing these challenges with sustainable solutions. You’ll see it in the data and experience it in the real insight and change we deliver.

We leverage those Insights to formulate Strategy for Meaningful Action, and we evaluate every step of the way to fully understand your specific challenges and the most effective solutions. You’ll have one dedicated lead consultant you can trust and rely on to ensure sustainable success that will persist as you and your organization thrive and grow.

We Envision Work as an Integral Part of a Healthy and Meaningful Life Experience.

WorkHaven Services

Webinars, Workshops and Retreats

We provide onsite and offsite experiences, working with you to tailor these experiences to your specific goals. WorkHaven energetically and thoughtfully engages your people where they are; not with mindless PowerPoints and disconnected lectures. We offer half-day, full-day and multi-day work retreats on a variety of topics to help transform your workplace.

Be Excellent with WorkHaven.