WorkHaven consultants offer multiple approaches to improving outcomes and optimizing workplace culture.

Workplace Analytics

We use cutting edge assessment tools to help you evaluate your organization’s needs and areas for growth. Assessments are tailored to your needs so that every project’s impact is optimized and closely understood.

Staff Development / Resilience

Staff groups with a facilitating consultant can be helpful for a wide variety of reasons, including improving team cohesion, functioning and productivity, coping with workplace stress, vicarious trauma, and interpersonal issues; navigating complex organizational changes like attrition; provision of psychoeducation related to issues like mindfulness and emotion regulation; and bridging different generations of employees. Leadership groups can help high level management identify stumbling blocks and learn to work together at maximum capacity. We listen carefully to the needs our clients express and design groups to support their goals.

Leadership Development Consultation

Our goal is to empower our client organizations to create the infrastructure needed to manage issues without our intervention. We provide leadership development services including on-site training for managers focusing on specific topics such as managing through change, getting the most out of teams, and coping with vicarious trauma and emotion regulation.


We do the research you don’t have time to do. Each of our consultants has significant experience and training in conducting academic research. We review the literature to find the latest and best information to answer questions that can help your organization meet its goals.


Our consultants can serve as facilitators as your organization considers changes, for example conducting surveys of staff members to determine reception of a cultural or workflow shift. Through surveys, multiperspective interviews and other methods we can help you plan for overcoming obstacles, and shift your strategy to meet the needs and desires of your staff. We can also help you identify pockets of expertise among your staff members that may be underutilized.

Advisory Consultation

We provide ongoing, one-on-one advice to leaders and managers who are struggling with issues inherent to their industry or their particular line of work. Our experience and training working with individuals, teams and organizations allows us to tailor our interventions to a non-profit or business environment.