Center For Family Representation

Partnering with a National Leader in Nonprofit Legal Services Innovation

How Do You Promote Professional Success, Health And Productivity When You Are Facing One Of The Greatest Social Justice Issues In Our Society? Offer Ongoing Spaces For Professionals To Give Feedback And Work Through The Unique Challenges Of The Nonprofit Legal Services Environment.

The Challenge

Foster growth and resilience among CFR leadership and staff as they navigate a complex and dynamic professional landscape, including exposure to secondary trauma and the high stress work environment of nonprofit family legal services.

The Outcome

WorkHaven and CFR worked together to implement Resilience Groups for professionals in all disciplines, as well as new employee onboarding and professional growth programming. CFR professionals consistently rate WorkHaven interventions as an effective way to maintain resilience.

WorkHaven and The CFR

WorkHaven partners with The Center for Family Representation to support CFR professionals at every level in pursuit of their mission to provide families in crisis with free legal representation and social work services to enable children to stay with their parents safely. A national model for providing support to families in crisis,

CFR works to keep children out of foster care or keep their time in care to a minimum. WorkHaven provides ongoing Resilience Groups, psychoeducational programming, new employee onboarding assistance, and one on one consultations for staff. CFR Executive Director, Michele Cortese, and WorkHaven Founder, Mark Evces, have presented their work together at multiple national legal service conferences.